Ireland – Women at the Bar

Hubby and I generally walk into bars, restaurants, pubs, etc and sit at the bar. It’s a way to talk to the bartender or other patrons. This is in any country but it supposedly makes extra sense in Ireland. Everything I read or was told said that if you sit at the bar, you’ll wind up having long, involved conversations with the locals. 

They forgot to mention the strange looks.

Apparently in Ireland, women don’t sit at the bar or order pints. I’ve noticed the bartender asking me “would you like a pint?” Pint is emphasized in a real quizzical manner. 

Last night I asked the bartender about this. So apparently, Irish women don’t sit at the bar and they only drink half pints. 

Hubby asked the bartender, “So apparently American women are interpreted as…”

“Fun!” He quickly replied. 

Cheers to that.


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