San Diego Sunset Cliffs

I saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time today from Sunset Cliffs Park. It was both awe inspiring and unnerving. 



San Diego Balboa Park

Dear East Coasters, 

Five minutes after being off the plane and I felt like I was on another planet. Our first stop was at a hole in the wall Mexican place called Humberto’s Taco Stand. We ate 5 tacquitos and two chile rellenos while watching the never ending line. This place does some serious business! The food was great and I loved the sauce that came with the chile rellenos (mole?)

Hubby had to visit Balboa Park. The 100th anniversary celebration was on and I tried my first Korean taco. Yum.

 Back in his navy days, hubby put a box of Mr. Bubbles in the fountain and caused. . . Lots of bubbles. Things have changed but the fountain remains.


A few other pictures from our hours walking around Balboa Park.