NYC – food and photos

I have been dying to bring the hubby to NYC for two main reasons. First, to walk the Brooklyn Bridge and second to eat Spicy Tingly Noodles from Xian Famous Foods. The original plan was to bring the boys but a friend offered to watch them. From the subway to the sidewalks, it would have been rough traversing the city with a stroller.


Washington DC

The family took the train into D.C. I’m fairly certain it was the boys first train ride and it will probably be their favorite part. We visited the mall and the Museum of American History. They were real troopers. It was a good day.

Road Trip – Charleston SC

We lived west of Charleston for a year and a half a decade ago. It’s astonishing to see how much it’s changed and how Much has stayed the same. It’s fun to see waterfront park from a kid’s perspective. Luckily I bought an extra outfit at Walmart for the tyke.

Road Trip – Florida, Savannah, Summerville, SC

Hubby, 3 year old and 7 month old drove from South Florida to Savannah with one bathroom break. The baby holds his own bottle – which made the trip so much easier. However 3 year old spilled half his water in the car seat. We were all pretty worn out and ready to spend an hour or two in Savannah only to discover NO parking. $10 and 45 minutes later, we were down by the water front with thousands of other people. Uh well. We arrived in Summerville late, ate a quick dinner and put kiddos to bed an hour past bedtime.

Road Trip 2017

It’s been over a year since our epic Ireland trip and much has changed. My husband went from 70 hours a week to part time. I got my CPA. Oh and we have two munchkins with us for this adventure! There’s nothing like bringing a 3 year old and a 7 month old on a 3,000 mile drive. We get to introduce these two to family and friends.

Our car is packed to the gills. Instead of cheap hostels, we have airbnbs. Bedtime is 7:00 and naps are needed but unlikely to happen. Here we go!

Airbnb on the farm

We spent the night on a working sheep farm in Redcross near the Wicklow Mountains and it was amazing.


Wicklow Mountain Hike – The Spinc

We went on what was supposed to be a 11k hike but Fitbit reported as 10 miles in total. We started the back way and ended up walking around the lake against the stream of other hikers.

Glendalough Monastery 

The Glendalough Monastic City was founded in the 6th Century by St Kevin. The history can be found following the link below.

Monastic City

Wicklow Mountains 

We finally made it to the Wicklow Mountains. We are staying in Lough Dan which is about 5 miles from Glendalough. It’s about a twenty minute drive due to narrow, windy roads. It’s absolutely beautiful here.